“Go gently”. Saying goodbye with a blessing.

Funny isn’t it? The way different people in everyday conversation say goodbye.

A colleague of mine when saying her goodbye’s following a piece of work that we have shared together will end with something along the lines of…

“Ok then. So that’s it. Kula Bula. Catch you later!”

I have no idea what Kula Bula means but I assume that in her part of Belfast it is a good thing.

Another friend of mine from Co. Offaly ends his conversation by saying…

“Bye, bye…bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…bye”.

And I cannot help myself but get caught in our goodbye dance by replying…

“Bye, bye…bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…bye”.

Before Covid struck, goodbye’s at my local on a Friday night included…

“Right wee Davy, see you later. Keep ‘er lit”. Sorry keep who lit?

Or famously…

“Listen. I am away here. Just one word of advice before I go”.

Me (falling for it, hook, line and sinker) “Oh. What’s that?”

Answer: “Whatever you do, never eat yellow snow”.

Moving on quickly…

Goodbye’s are important aren’t they. Often we get them spot on, sometimes we miss the mark or fail to bring closure. Sometimes words are not enough to say goodbye…

During this Covid season when able (at last) to meet a good friend of mine, I have begun to appreciate his goodbye.

At the end of our time together or as the phonecall draws to an end he will simply say two words…

“Go gently”.

And I have been thinking about his goodbye to “Go gently”. It is almost a blessing, or a form of prayer me thinks. I must ask him about it sometime.

Go gently

Amidst a world seemingly in chaos.

Go gently

On yourself when answers are nowhere to be found.

Go gently

On others, carrying (and I mean this, God only knows what struggles).

Go. Gently.

Picture courtesy of @savbrown

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