Wednesday Wonderings…A shepherd gets tough with the flock.

In previous blogs, we have had the story from Matthew Chapter 25 regarding the foolish bridesmaids who were unprepared to meet the bridegroom.

And, again from the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 25, we have read and been disturbed by the wealthy man and his dim view on the servant who misuses his “talent”.

In both parables, Christ is speaking harsh, maybe unpalatable truth to those who would follow Him. There is a cost for not being ready. There is a cost for those not living courageously with all they have in the service of the King. I’m found wanting, (my) truth be told.

The story of the sheep and the goats who on the day of reckoning or as Christ refers to as being the time when He “…takes His place on His glorious throne…” (Matthew 25 v 31) is a humbling story to put it mildly.

There is a lot of sorting out to be done.

The nations as well as individuals are being measured, moderated, reckoned with. Then dealt with. The Church may well see leadership as being in the form of Christ as a “shepherd of the flock”, but shepherds can be tough, indeed need to be tough.

The irony of the parable is that the “sheep” who enter the Kingdom at Christ’s behest do so because they unknowingly have just got on with living out Kingdom values and Kingdom acts…

They have fed the hungry,

Gave water to those with thirst,

Provided shelter for the homeless,

Clothed the naked,

Visited the sick,

Comforted those in prison.

In each act Christ Himself has been served…

“Then the King will say, I’m telling the solemn truth. Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me-you did it to me”. (Matthew Ch 25 v 40, The Message Paraphrase).

See. Judge. Act. See. Judge. Act. See. Judge. Act.




Build and (please God) inherit the Kingdom.

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