Christ the King. That is all…

A quick post this week in relation to this Sunday’s Gospel reading from the book of John (Chapter 18 v 33 to 37).

Where Christ, facing his execution, is brought before (the then) representative of a global military power in the form of Pontius Pilate.

And questioned “Are you the King of the Jews?” (John 18 v 33).

This Sunday, on what has become known for some denominations as “The festival of Christ the King” (a relatively new liturgical occasion, according to

At the end of one Church year liturgically speaking,

As a new Church year awaits…

The Church, globally, proclaims… “Christ is King”.

Christ the King, despite His refusal to answer Pilate directly “Are you King of the Jews?”

Christ the King, facing an excruciating death at the hands of people calling for it and a Roman death squad.

Christ the King, regardless of those who claim to exercise global power, then and today.

Christ the King, amidst the turmoil of a pandemic, environmental degradation, rumors’ of wars…

Christ the King, enthroned on high.

Christ the King, who will return to judge.

Christ the King, who will finally usher in a new heaven and earth.

Christ the King, not “Christ my best buddy” who makes me feel good about myself.

Christ the King, yet born as one of us.

Christ the King. That is all…

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