This Advent. “The Visitation”.

I truly, truly love this picture of “The Visitation”. (By Jim Janknegt).

When Elizabeth, the mother-to-be of John the Baptist meets Mary, the mother-to-be of Christ, the King.
Two women, (surprised admittedly) in becoming pregnant.

Meeting up.

Chatting about how the pregnancy is going.

Chatting about Holy things they are experiencing.

Chatting about change the Christ Child would bring.

And, I’m left wondering on the brink of another Covid Christmas.

Amidst the depth, the darkness, the unknowable and the unseen…

Is the mystery of a child being formed in the womb.
Is the well spring of hope for the whole of humanity.
Is the hope of faith, despite our depths, times of darkness and what we will (one day), see and understand.


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