New year, new hope, new baptism. Eternal God.

There is something I find wonderful, maybe even mystical and I will be honest a tad “un-nerving” about the start of a new year.

A time when we leave behind the old and welcome the new.

A time when we are encouraged to look back on what has occurred (and maybe take on board some lessons).

A time when we are encouraged to look forward (and make the most of what may lie ahead).

Of course, such sentiments can for a variety of reasons be difficult to practice. Nonetheless for each of us, the new year is certainly a time to pause, reflect and move towards action.

In the movement, big or small.

In the step or steps you might say.

I wonder, is faith to be truly found?

Our Gospel reading for this Sunday, sees Christ in many ways, leave the old in order to welcome the new.

The Son of God, the Son of Man, fully God yet fully man, we Christians believe, taking new steps into the Jordan river to be baptised by His cousin, John.

Steps that would see the formal beginning of His ministry and mission. Thanks be to God!

What strikes me about the baptism of Christ is not just His faithfulness in taking His steps into the Jordan river.

But in His faithfulness. His obedience you could argue, God the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit reveal the Godhead almost for the first time to humanity and to the world.

God the Father speaks.

God the Son acts.

God the Spirit settles and hovers.

The last few years have been undoubtedly very tough for many. Despite the fireworks and champagne bottles popping as the new year was celebrated; 2022 may well for you be “un-nerving” as to what lies ahead.


Remain hopeful.

As you step out into 2022, as Christ stepped into the Jordan…

The Father speaks love over you.

The Son steps alongside you.

And the Holy Spirit will, always, hover around you.


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